persians kittens sale sell available

Contact White Wool Cattery

My phone : 04 78 24 83 16
Mobile : 06 27 33 97 35

None = the kitten is available
Option = a person is very interest about the kitten
Reserved = a deposit is reserved

All our kittens are free of pkd and parents are free of FELV OR FIV
They are well sociabilize and have the all vaccination, you have also vet attestion at the departure of the kitten

Pet kitten : have a default and cant be show and cant breed bacause this default

Show kitten : can be show and can win if the grooming will be perfect of course

All our adults cats are replaced spray in a per home for a low cost

persians kittens sale


Its photo gallery since ist birth

persians kittens sale sell available
persians kittens sale sell available

Persians kittens availables

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