Grooming persians cats

My Method of grooming Cats

Each breeder has his/her own method of grooming.


Grooming persians cats

Preparation for Washing

Before washing your cat, I recommend you to make the following preparations:


ClawsCut claws so as to blunt them. This will avoid any scratch marks(3).


Clean well the eyes Eyes with Dacryo Sérum from the Chemist. This should be a daily routine if your Persians cat’s eyes tend to water.
On a cotton circle (9) put the product “Wipe” on the contour of the eye as well as round the nose area Be very careful not to t rub the eyes. If the contour of the eye is indeed dirty, start again cleaning delicately to avoid annoying the cat .
Every day, I recommend that each time you see tearing, to wipe off immediately with a soft tissue or cotton wool to avoid a build up of dirt in the eye area.


If your cat has a tendency to " grease " in the ears, I suggest that you clean the ears before every bath with ear-otic which can be obtained (from the veterinary surgeon). It will take away the grease from its ears and it will avoid unnecessary trouble like scabs and scratching. Put the tip of the bottle in the ear support lightly and put a few drops in the ear. Wipe with cotton wool the contour and the inside of the ear.
Never use an ear bud in the cavity of the ear. It is extremely dangerous.

The coat

Never wash a cat which has knots in its coat.This is a recipe for disaster.. It is essential to take out the knots before washing. You can use a product called a detangler.
Use comb no 4- and comb the cat in a brisk fashion first under the belly, then on the hind legs, and finish on the back. In this way you will remove a lot of dead hair. Then take the big comb (8) if the cat in full coat or comb (7) if the coat is not so full. Take care to comb the cat again to see that any remaining knots are removed.
Never use a fine comb because you risk damaging the coat by tearing off the undercoat and you will put off the cat of brushing for ever.
If a knot will not go away, gently pick it with your fingers and remove the mass of dead hair which is the reason behind tight knots. Finally brush again to acquire a flawless finish.

The Bath

ou need a streamlining shampoo, a colour shampoo and a voluminising Shampoo.
The following are the brand names that I have tried and recommend.: Jerrob or F1R2.
I like to use a green loam as a shampoo which I have been using for these past three. It is so good, it is as if these three shampoos are combined.
Make a dilution as indicated by these shampoos before undertaking washing. For green loam make the dilution the 1 hour before. Definitely pay attention to the dilution suggested.t. Because if you put too much or too much shampoo it risks being ineffectual or weighing down the hair.
For green loam you will make about 3 washing. Vigorously rub the cat with shampoo thoroughly: degrease the tail especially for males with this tendency, do not forget the undersides of arm and legs.
Do pay attention not to put shampoo and water in the eyes and and ears of the cat.

For other shampoos

The success of a good washing depends on good rinsing of the coat. After two or three washes make sure that you rinse well after each wash. The secret is in the rinsing. The coat has to be light.
The coat must feel light even under water. You may use a colour shampoo and leave it on as suggested on the shampoo. Again give a good rinse. Finally use a voluminising shampoo. Again rinse and rinse again. I cannot repeat enough, the secret is in the rinsing
Towel dry the cat and make sure it is dry. Use a hair dryer on moderate heat. You will see if you have achieved a good bath when you are brushing (use brush no 8)the cat against the coat. The coat will be light and airy. Make sure that the underparts of the cat are also dried and brushed really well. We do want a perfectly straight coat even on the underparts of the cat.
Do not forget the tail and hind quarters and of course around the neck, the ruffle.
Once the cat is thoroughly dry you finish off by drying with the dryer on cold.
If your grooming is made well you have a month of serenity: A clean glistening cat and free of knots. You will not need to brush it more than once a week if it does not get knotted.
NB: I never use talcum powder except the day of expos to introduce my males with a tendency to have a strong urine smell . I put therefore a little talcum powder on their behind to get rid of these smells.
I use powder on the tips of the ears if they have a tendency to become greasy. This is all.

Show Preparation

Show preparations do not start on the eve of the show. It is necessary to groom the cat daily and look out for things that the judge will be looking for.

The bath is already a good stage to introduce your cat to the show regime. But there are still several small things to be made.

Removal of unwanted hair

Coloured Cats

For the parti colours it is necessary to see to it that no white hair is in the colour area. Therefore it is necessary to take away all this white hair: if you remove a bit every day it wille not be such an arduous task.

Removal of unwanted hair of the body
I shall not speak about the general removal of unwanted hair of the body for the time being because it is a delicate action which it is better to show than to explain. When it is made well I assure you that the cats will ask for it again. To remove unwanted hair, there is an easy way, I put the cat on my knees without forcing it and without being supported. When it has had enough the cat is free to leave. But it can last a good quarter of an hour.
During the months of May onwards, when it is the moulting season and this is for such aesthetic and domestic reasons a cat should be well taken care of.

Removal of unwanted hair of ears
It is necessary that the ears of the cat are perfectly round and that no hair is left at the tips of the ears. All hair should be plucked out at the tips of thears to make the ear round (the day before or the day of the show).

The bath
it is necessary to give two-three baths in the space of 15 days, the first bath 15 days before the show, the second in a week to the show and one on the day before the show.

Removal of unwanted hair of the top of head
Make sure that the top of the head is rounded. Any hair which is sticking out should be removed.

The day of the Show
Prepare the cat box so that the cat is used to it and thus can be taken to the show.
It is necessary to clean the eyes impeccably with the aid of a cotton soaked in Dacryo serum, comb with the tiny comb (2) the cavity or stop which goes from the eyes to the nose to take away any impurity. Once the contour of the eyes is well wet and very clean eyes I put Khara powder based on bicarbonate (13) – quite definitely with the aid of the brush (1) in the corner and around Eyes. It absorbs any yellowish mark which would have been able to form. This dry application should be removed before judging.
I keep my soaked cotton at hand. Attention to the small debris which can form on the nostrils. Definitely make sure that your remove them.

The head
I comb (5) ears, top of head, cheeks. If any grease has formed round the ears use talcum powder not straight on to the cat but on a handkerchief. And so the cat is ready to wait to be judged.
efore presentation to the judge, give a last comb, take away the eye pack with a very dry cotton and they finish with a tissue (10).

Grooming persians cats

Grooming persians cats

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