flowers of Bach

Doctor Edward Bach was an eminent British homeopathic physician, bacteriologist and immunologist of the early 20th century. Born in 1886, he became a medical and surgical graduate in London in 1912.
As a homeopathic researcher, he developed the Bach nosodes.

Floral elixirs are liquid concoctions obtained by soaking flowers in sunlight. Discovered by Dr. Bach in the 30s, they are efficient and non-toxic and can be taken by all, animals included.

Put one drop in the food in the morning and put one to three drops in the drinking water.

Each elixir has its own specific function.

If you have cohabitation, aggressiveness or even show-related stress problems with your cats, here are a few suggestions:
Star of Bethlehem: helps relieve emotional trauma. It can be administered after an accident, the arrival of a new cat, after a fight.
Holly: helps relieve jealousy linked to the arrival of a new cat, or…that of a baby or even a new partner!
Honeysuckle: helps relieve past regrets. It can be given to new-born or leaving kittens.
Mimulus: combats feeling of insecurity which can arise after a change in lifestyle linked to a move or the arrival of a new feline or human acquaintance.
Beech: helps relieve irritability and intolerance, if your cat really can’t adapt to the presence of a newcomer (feline or human).
Rescue Remedy: can be administered in any stressful situation, be it physical (trauma) or psychological (shows).

There are many more types of floral elixirs and you can get more information on them and their uses in the booklets published by the companies who make them.

Floral elixirs and Bach Flowers can be found in health-food shops and can be ordered in pharmacies (but at a higher cost).

flowers of Bach

Bach flowers

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