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First and foremost I would like to discourage anyone who wishes to start a cattery in order to make their living
Breeding cats is a passion rather than a way to earn money
Furthermore the economic crisis of 2009 is not favorable to the development of a new cattery, far from it.

What you really must know is that:
Breeding and cleaning go hand in hand

Having a cattery implies :
Not being able to go on holiday often as you need to find someone to fill in for you while you're away

You sometimes need to sacrifice your sleep as the births don't always happen in the daytime

You are constantly hoovering and mopping if your cats live with you, which is the case of the White Wool Cattery.

You have no weekends :
If you want your house to smell nice then you need to clean out the litters on a regular basis

Food and water bowls must be cleaned on a daily basis and be filled with fresh water and the right food.

In a persian cattery you will need to groom your cats monthly. Bearing in mind that grooming one cat takes about an hour.

I have friends all over the world who often tell me that I'm crazy but my passion is my motivation.

Let's now tackle the administratif side of starting a cattery in France

By starting a cattery I mean making oneself known to the DSV and your city's tax office in order to be able to sell your kittens without any problems.

The law passed in 1999 states that you must make yourself known to the DSV if you have more than one litter of kittens per year.
In order to do this you need the authorisation of the DSV.

This authorisation can only be obtained once you've obtained your
certificat of proficiency

You can take this exam through the Loof (Le livre officiel des origines félines) who calls this exam the CETAC.

You can also take this exam through specialised schools which is quite a lot cheaper but does not include the same training as the CETAC.

I would recommend taking the CETAC exam.
All the people I know who were already breeders when they took this exam learned a lot from this training course, even the most experienced of them.

Once you have passed this exam you will need to make yourself known to the Chamber of Commerce who will take care of all the administration for you.

Create his cattery

Create his cattery

creating a cattery

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