couleurs chats persans

Les couleurs du chat Persan - Persian colours

Persian cats come in a variety of colours :

The most popular :

In dulite :

chat persanCeylenia Des laines Blanches Female Cream Persian

chat persanVerchatché Des Laines Blanches Male blue Persian

-Lilac (no photo)

In solid :

chat persanShalimar Des Laines Blanches Female Red and White Persian

chat persanCalimero Des Laines Blanches Male Black Persian

- Chocolate (no photo)

To the more subtle colours meaning those derived from the basic colours

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couleurs chats persans

Le patron Tabby - Tabby repartition

The Tabby

Meaning cats with a more or less defined striped coat and an M shaped marking on their foreheads.
There are three types of tabby :

Mackerel : striped
chat persanV'ananas Story de Lanleya Blue mackerel Silver Tabby and white male

Blotched : the cat has butterfly shaped markings on its flancs
chat persanNo Comment Armageddon Male Brown blotched Tabby

Spotted : the cat has a spotted coat
chat persanAddict Dakini Blue Spotted Tabby and White Female

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couleurs chats persans

Tabby : Les Fumés et Silver- Tabby : the Smoke and the Silver

A nuance of the tabby : the smoke or the silver

The silver : the cat is one colour and the base of the coat is silver-white
chat persan

The smoke : the cat's coat has a smokey colour. The coat is similar to the silver, a silvery colour, but on a longer length
Smokes are, generally speaking, more common in winter
chat persan

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couleurs chats persans

Le chat Persan Particolore - Bicolour Persian's Pattern

Bicolour persians also exist

I The Pattern

Bicolour : meaning white and one or two other colours
We will now go into more detail with regards to the bicolour persian's pattern as it is my favourite type.
The bicolour persian's allele "S" determines the amount of white in its coat
The cat is considered bicoloured or tricoloured if the amount of white in its coat represents no more than 75% of its pattern

chat persan
Papillon Male Bicolour cream and white Persian

The cat is considered a Harlequin when it has more than 75% of white in its coat
chat persan
Addagio male blue Harlequin Persian

And finally the cat is considered to be Van if the colour is limited to its tail or top of head, one or two other markings being tolerated in general
chat persan
Darjeeling et Dionysos Des Laines Blanches
Blue (male) and cream (female) van kittens

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couleurs chats persans

Les subtilités du Particolore - The various nuances of the bicolour Persian

These are the basic facts to know about bicolour persians.

But once you know these, you need to know how to recognise the various nuances.
Here is a table indicating all the possible outcomes of marriages of different types of persians

chat persan

This is only to give you an idea as Papillon, a bicolour male, coupled with a unicolour female has yielded unicolours (Ceylenia cream) and Harelquins (Addagio blue). This shows that a cat can appear to be bicolour but genetically be harlequin

One thing is sure, a unicolour bred with another unicolour will never give you a bicolour kitten
However don't be surprised to get a bicolour or a harlequin out of a marriage of two Vans. This will show you that one of your two progenitors is genetically bicolour. (instead of Van)
If you only get bicolour kittens from a progenitor it means that your cat is genetically Van and all its kittens will be bicolour
This is Fully's case.

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couleurs chats persans

Les subtilités du Persan Particolore - Various nuances bicolour Persian

II The allocation of the markings
In my opinion this is a matter of personal taste. The most important thing in my opinion being that the cat's coat be aesthetically pleasing.
What I hate above all are when the markings are all on the cat's face. We cannot control the allocation of the cat's markings but if your progenitors have well distributed markings then you will have high chances of getting aesthetically pleasing markings on the kittens.

There is the V shaped mask
chat persan
Addagio Des Laines Blanches

The Cap
chat persan
Dalai Lama Des Laines Blanches

Asymetric markings
chat persan
Dionysos des Laines Blanches

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Colours persians cats

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