Choose sell persians kittens

Here is some advice on how to choose your ideal Persian kitten

Choose sell persians kittens
Ulxian des Laines Blanches

It is against the rules and regulations of FIFe to pass on your kittens to pet shops for sale.
In effect a breeder will be monitoring the kitten constantly. It will be raised with care, love and attention, thus the kitten will turn out to be sociable and used to living in a house.
It is necessary to know that you have a choice between a pet kitten, a breeder or a show kitten.
Difference will be made on criteria of the standard of the Persian Breed acknowledged by LOOF. ( Breed standard). You can acquire quite a nice pet kitten (with regard to the breed standard) which will have the look of a show kitten. However it might have a defect which will make it impossible for the kitten to be shown.
One may obtain a pet kitten for around 700 Euro. The price of a breeder or a Show kitten will start from 700 Euro up.
If you are going to choose a show kitten make sure to go to the cattery to obtain all necessary information regarding the cat.
Cats are vetted in during cat shows. The animal controls in exhibitions are not a guarantee of good health of the Kitten. In general the officials are happy to identify the cat especially when there is a delay. Clever babies arrive last at the vetting in.
Above all see to it that your " Coup de coeur" is jolly, not afraid, clean and very alert . and say that a Persian is a wise cat although it is not a lesser cat and believe me at home there are many mad chases and nice fights (for you to laugh).

Health Checks:

Administrative checks:

During the sale of a kitten the breeder must provide you:

I wish you very sincerely all the happiness of the world with your kitten.

Choose sell persians kittens

Choisir un chaton persan

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