Morphologie standard persian cat

The Persian cat is a cat who has been genetically modified by man. Indeed, originally all cats are descendants of the alley cat therefore with a pronounced nose and big ears.

Persian cats should have the following qualities:


Body: The body type is cobby, meaning it should fit into a cube. It should be heavy-set and hefty, very muscular with a strong bone structure.
Paws: They should be short, stocky and muscular with small, rounded feet.
Tail: It should be thick and lush, and in proportion with the body.
Fur: This is the defining feature of Persian cats. Persian cats are the only long-haired cats. The fur should be dense, thick, silky and as long as possible.


The White Wool Cattery aims essentially to breed cats with “the sweet look”, that is to say a cat that looks like a teddy bear.
The head is the essential element of this look which is why my males always have a cute teddy bear-like appearance.
The head should be very big and round with a large dome and it should be in proportion with the body.
The forehead, the nose and the chin should be aligned. If you were to place a pen on the cat’s face, it should touch these three parts.
The snout is inexistent but the strong chin and cheeks give the face a rounded look which is in harmony with the general appearance of the Persian cat. The forehead must be very rounded without any excrescence and dome shaped, that is to mean a rounded head: the forehead should be rounded as well as between the ears.
The nose must have a clearly defined stop at its base, that is to say a well defined recess, and the nostrils should be very open as this facilitates the cat’s breathing. The Persian cat has a short nose, it is at eye level or slightly lower.
The eyes are what give the cats a teddy bear look. The bigger and rounder they are, the cuter and more teddy bear-like the cat is. They must be wide-set: this is called an open look. They must be of one colour.
And finally the ears should be small and not too open at their base. They should be fairly far apart and at eye level.

This is the description of the standard Persian cat.
He/she should also have a great personality, but don’t go looking for a cat with all these attributes.

There is a saying amongst breeders: the prefect cat doesn’t exist.

For your cat to be a purebred he/she, of course, needs a pedigree.
Otherwise your cat will never be able to have pedigree Persian kittens and will also not be allowed to compete in cat shows.

Morphologie standard persian cat

Morphologie standard persian cat

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